DeChamp Electrolyte Powder – High Performance Drink now full Thailand local Strength
Lemon and Orange Flavours

Welcome to DeChamp Australia! DeChamp is a high quality, pharmaceutical-grade electrolyte hydration powder, that is scientifically formulated to enable fast rehydration.

DeChamp electrolyte powder is rapidly absorbed by the body and reverses the effects of dehydration from excess sweating, fluid loss, diarrhoea and vomiting. DeChamp powders  in our easy to carry sachets ensure you can stay hydrated while out and about.

DeChamp is not a Sports Drink but a Pharmaceutical Electrolyte to Rehydrate you faster.

If you compare cost to for example Hydrolyte which is sold in Pharmacies all over Australia at $1.40 per 5 gram sachet Dechamp is 50 cents per 20 gram sachet so you can do the figures.

Dechamp is widely used in Thailand ,Singapore, Japan

It is even used by the Thai Army on training exorcises in the Jungle borders with Burma and Laos.

If you give Dechamp a go you will never use another Electrolyte again





Dechamp Electrolyte Powder can be bought in Bulk for Mines and out door workers etc which is tax deductable if you need it for work 

Drop me an E mail or call and i will give more details

DeChamp Australia electrolyte powder sachet for hydration 20g
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Buy 2 boxes for $50(normally $60).

Stephen discovered DeChamp hydration powder while travelling in Thailand.

Read the DeChamp Australia Story

Stephen Irwin, owner of DeChamp Australia, shares his incredible story of how DeChamp electrolyte powder helped him recover from a sudden illness while travelling overseas. Stephen now wants to share the benefits of DeChamp powder with everyone in Australia. Read more…

DeChamp Electrolyte Sachets are perfect as a hydrating drink.

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DeChamp is a cost effective way to stay hydrated. Our large 50 x 20g sachet pack is great value at only $25.

Dennis Hogan

“I use DECHAMP before and after training.
It keeps me hydrated and ready to go.”
— Dennis “THE HURRICANE” Hogan

Hammer Harmonito Dela - Super Feather Weight Champion of the Phillipines

“I use Dechamp every day.
It is the best Electrolyte I’ve ever had.”

– Hammer Harmonito Dela
Super Feather Weight Champion of the Phillipines.